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How it all Started!

My story of how I started baking began with me  not wanting to go to a church meeting with my Mom. The late Mother Mildred Rodriguez made a delicious pound cake and I wanted to know how to make it. Ever since I tried that pound cake, I’ve been tinkering with flavors, and wrestling with recipes, in order to become the best baker. So whenever you take a bite of your delicious, delectable, dessert remember how it all started


Eatmore sweets.

Making your life sweeter one bite at a time!
The mission of Nia’s Sweet Treats is to spread happiness through baking. From vanilla cupcakes to white chocolate chip blondies – I make the stuff you love, with love. Seeing the bright smile on your face when I deliver those desserts makes me work harder to please you through baking. If you want something new, just let me know. I am developing new recipes all the time!

Nia's Sweet Treats



Nia's Sweet Treats
Nia’s Sweet Treat is located in Chicago, Illinois.

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